If this all sounds interesting but you're not quite sure how to use this then you are in luck.  Below you will find a variety of examples of how you can use the Generator,  by yourself and in classes or teams.


Sample lists of words

These are a few sample lists of words.  You are free to use them,  or if you require something more specific then why not create your own set.  It is easy to do and you can share them around.  Find out more on our help page.

(Note:  These lists are a work in progress.  We are regularly adding words to them and adding more lists as we get around to it)



Here are a few examples of ways you can use the games in your classes or meetings.  The idea is to play them at the beginning.  They typically take a few minutes and are good to get people in an open and creative mindset.

Odd word out

Game: Select four random words.  Students have to identify as many ways as possible for finding the odd word out.
Strategy: Identifying alternate perspectives.  Better solutions are often found by looking at things from different angles.


Game: Select six random words.  Students have to identify as many ways as possible for dividing the group into two sets of three.
Strategy: Pattern finding.  You can find a lot of clues in the unobvious details that will lead you to new ideas.

Problem solving

Game: Identify two unrelated problems.  Select two random words.  Alternate back and forth between creating a solution to one of the problems using the words as stimulus.  For greater focus make the problems related to the topic you are teaching.
Strategy: Finding inspiration elsewhere.  Often you can find great inspiration by looking in other,  seemingly unrelated areas.


Game: Select four random words.  Students have to select one word as the target and find words relating to that word using the letters of the remaining words.
Strategy: Picking an ideal target.  Rearanging resources.  Often we can find gold by rearranging the existing resources we have instead of just taking them for granted.


Game: Select four words at random.  Identify values (eg most expensive,  hottest,  most colourful etc) and which one of those words has the highest of that value.
Strategy: Identifying opportunities.  Problem solving is about creating greatness out of the mundane.  This game shows that everything has value,  you just have to look for it sometimes.