The Creativity Games Random Word Generator is a funky tool that will allow you to generate random lists of words. These can be used for many purposes (see below). The brilliant thing about this generator is that you can create your own lists of words to select randomly from and you can easily share them with others.

Creating and Managing Lists

To create your own lists of words you need to have an account with Creativity Games. This is free and only takes a few seconds to complete. If you already have an account you can sign in with the form on the right. If you don't have an account yet you can Register here.

Once you're signed in you'll notice that at the bottom left of the Generator is a dropdown of all your current lists as well as the option to Manage lists. If you click on Manage lists you will be taken to a page listing your current lists. From here you can create new lists, delete lists and update existing lists.

Using and Sharing Lists

Once you have your lists set up you'll no doubt be keen and eager to start using them. The easiest way to do this is to select the list you want to use from the dropdown in the bottom left of the screen. All future actions will now utilise this list until you select Clear at the bottom right.

Now those of you with an eye for detail would have noticed that when you select a list to use, it changes your URL slightly. (For those of you that missed it, pay more attention next time.) The magic is all to do with the code that gets inserted after generator in the URL. You can give anyone a URL with that code in the right place and they will end up using your list. Brilliant.

Example: Let's say for instance you have just created your list and you end up with a code for that list which is vgephn. Whereas normally the url for generating 4 random words would look like :

now you would change it to look like this :

and whomever clicks on it is off and running. If you want a different number of words then replace that 4 at the end of the URL with the number you desire. Simple.

Ok, So Why Would I Want to do This?

The Random Word Generator can be used for many purposes as you would have seen on the main page for the generator. When used in combination with your own lists however we can do some interesting things. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling but use your creativity and I'm sure you'll come up with plenty more.

  • Play the normal creativity games but spice them up by using only words relating to the topic you are focusing on.
  • Create a list of restaurants then use the generator to choose which one to go to tonight.
  • Create a list of topics for an assignment and then students can pick their topic at random.
  • Ultimate Workout - put a series of exercises in and then generate a random set of exercises to perform.
  • Delegate tasks to people. Create a list of peoples names then select them at random.
  • Funky Craft. Create a list of materials then select a set at random and use them to make something.
  • Colour Scheme. Create a list of colours then pick them at random.
  • Smashing Gourmet. Create a list of ingredients then pick 5 at random and make a meal. To add some extra zing, create a second list of herbs and spices and select from there second.
  • Magic 8 Ball. Set up your own series of responses.
  • Study aid. Create a list of key terms then select terms at random and explain them.
  • Just about anything else...

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